Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 15 Prompt Response

There are a variety of ways that a library can market their fiction collection to their patrons. Here are three effective ways that we can promote specific fiction:
1.     Book displays are an excellent way to market specific genres within a fiction collection, and these could be placed throughout the library for patrons that are browsing for titles to read. A popular novel could be the focus, and the book display would include similar, potentially lesser-known titles that a patron could enjoy as much as they enjoyed the popular title.
2.     A blog could be another good way to market a library’s collection because the librarians could post helpful read-a-like titles, and popular authors within a specific genre, such as history or fantasy. These blogs could provide their readers with PDF handouts with titles and authors for different genres that patrons enjoy.

3.     Another helpful way to promote the library’s collection would be to start a book club that focuses on a different title each month. This would help readers branch out of their comfort zone to be able to read lesser-known titles that the library has in their collection. Doing this monthly book club gives the patrons time to read the book, and to also help the librarian to prepare discussion questions to guide the conversation about the book.


  1. I had considered mentioning all three of these in my response. Social media is a great way to get the word out and news travels fast on them. If your library has a Facebook or Twitter you could post a link to your blog each time you add a new entry.

  2. April, I think all three ways that you mentioned are great ways to promote titles in your collection. I really like the blog. I am always looking for opinions of others in selecting books. I also like your book club idea. There are a variety of ways to promote books in book clubs, and you can even have two to three new titles and do a short book talk on each as advertisement.

  3. Great prompt response with innovative and easy to implement ideas. Full points!

  4. As someone who checks out a ton of library blogs I love the blog idea. Book clubs are also a great idea because they help readers connect and almost hold a little bit of accountability to keep reading!