Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 16 Prompt Response.

            Reading mediums have changed drastically since I was a child. The most common format while I was growing was paperback and hardcover novels, but, with eBooks on the rise, I rarely use these formats. It is much more convenient for me to use my iPad or my Nook for reading because of how much more compactable it is. It is not very practical for me to have print or hardcover copies of novels that I want to read when I can just store them digitally on the cloud or with Barnes and Noble because I have their membership. I still have a bookcase that is overflowing with novels that I have been meaning to read, but I find it much more practical to use my tablet or Nook when I am traveling. I no longer yearn for the moments where I would balance a book and a flashlight under my blanket when it was far past my bedtime. I now have the convenience of the digital medium to serve my reading needs and desires, especially when I have limited space when I am traveling.

            I’m not exactly sure what will happen to traditional publishing because, despite the popularity of eBooks, the print medium is just as popular in this digital age. This medium is used just as much as it has before eBooks became popular, and I’m not sure what medium would be able to change this. Print books have been ageless, and I know that I prefer reading a softcover novel when I am looking to relax after a long day at work. I think I would like to see reading become more interactive as we progress with technology, and it would be cool if we could have the technology to produce a 3-D medium. I am very visual when it comes to reading so it would be interesting if this 3-D medium could be holograms that tell the story. That might take away the imagination for setting and characters though, so I’m not sure how popular this medium would be. I know I wouldn’t want this medium if it negatively impacted traditional publishing because I would still prefer print books to any other medium because that was what I read while I was growing up.

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  1. I think it's cool that when we think of reading print we see to go to that 'late night reading under the covers with a flashlight' image from childhood. I mean, we all did that! Ever since the ebook, I've never had to do that anymore and for practical reasons I don't really miss it. For nostalgia, I miss it a lot!